About Us

Who We Are

Michigan Elite Connection (MEC) is a signature match making service that qualifies and introduces matches who have been screened, and exclusively selected by our team of certified matchmakers. Our quality screening technique has been tested and used by many successful matchmakers and we are confident that our clients will experience success through our service.

Our certified matchmakers have undergone rigorous and intensive training to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to create a successful and lasting relationship for our clients. They are passionate about love and deeply understand the intricate details needed for a successful match. Our team activates the MEC process once you say go. We work hard to identify or recruit women who are the best match for your criteria.

Anthony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships”. At some point in our life, we have questioned the value and quality of our relationships whether with friends, family or colleagues. For some, they wander through life looking for the quality, the special quality that would connect them for a lifetime. For others, they simply walk away and give up. Don't give up on love. Give love another chance.