Our Process

Our 7 Step Proven Process

Michigan Elite Connection believes on the Power of One. We work with clients one on one to see them through our process successfully. We build successful matches on the basis of one introduction at a time.


Our MEC matchmakers will schedule a one-hour session with our client to perform a deep dive on our client’s history. During this session we work to discover our client at a deeper level. The interview is designed in such away that allows us to identify our client’s expectations, and what his past relationships have been like.


Simply put, MEC matchmakers get to work on combing through our database of pre selected and highly qualified candidates that best fit our client’s selection criteria. When a good match is not found, we work to actively recruit for our client to find the right match. Our database is constantly updated to increase the universe of selection that our clients have access to.


Once matches are identified, MEC matchmakers then conduct phone and one on one interview with prospective matches to ensure that they meet the selection criteria for our client. Once selected for a client introduction, we work with prospective matches to prepare them for the upcoming event.


Our client receives notification that a match has been identified. MEC’s concierge event team gets to work for our client to arrange the introduction. Whether it’s a dinner date, night at the museum or any other activity driven dates, MEC will work hard to deliver a worry free experience for our client.


The identification of a positive match may happen on the first date but for some, a second date is a promising indication that the client wants to get to know the prospective match more. Whatever the case may be, MEC will be focused on providing our client that meets their search criteria to arrive at a successful match.


MEC works with both parties of the date to perform a de brief. We use these sessions to make course corrections or provide insightful details on what’s working and what’s not. MEC strives for continuous improvement in order to deliver quality matches for our clients.


MEC encourages and asks for constant feedback from both our client and prospective match. This feedback loop allows us to understand and revise process as a result of the comments provided. We understand that we can do better when we know better. We welcome the opportunity for feedback to deliver an improved customer experience. Are you ready? Click here.